Urban Sketch: Swan Street ( a part of it), Richmond

I coloured this up on the weekend!  I have 4 Urban sketches that I need to colour.  I was drawing all weekend and today but I have not had any place to colour.  Like when I drew this set of buildings, I was drawing close to the gutter on a sidewalk, another, I was on a train tamp.  The third and last one I drew on the Saturday, I was again on a sidewalk, next to park cars and leaning on an electric pole.  Not the best place to colour.  On Sunday, I was drawing on the pier and I was scared enough already that my fine liner would fall between the slats of wood, no way I was colouring there...and am surrounded by sand cos am on a beach area!  I doubt that markers and sand mix.  Today, the server went down at work so we couldn't animate and went home early.  I maybe had about an hour to finish my sketch before the cafe I was in closed.  It has certainly been a very busy drawing sessions on Saturday, Sunday and today.

Right now, I am working on the bunny e-book.  Hoping to finish the last 2 pages.  Guaranteed that I will finish one at least!


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