Urban Sketching: Multiple Locations

Location 01: Richmond on Swan Street
Location 02: Footscray, at Footscray station drawing construction
Location 03: Victoria Street Brunswick.  Particularly Squishface Studio
I had a really busy drawing day today.  I didn't mean for it to happen but it did and am pretty happy with the results.

Got up at 7:30am this morning to go to Richmond because I was meeting a friend there to get a lift to Footscray (inner Footscray and was a 20 minute walk from the closest train station so she offered me a lift).  I wanted to get there an hour early so that I could draw these buildings on Swan Street that I've been wanting to draw for ages!  I am pretty happy I finally drew them.  I did get rained on a bit, lucky that it wasn't big huge droplets but a spray and the paper could take that punishment.  Anyway, I was meeting her at 10:00am at a nearby cafe.  She rings me up a little after 10 to tell me that her car didn't want to start and that it needed a new battery.  Very unfortunate but these things do happen and am glad she got it sorted out, however that meant that plans for me have changed.

I was planning to meet some good friends of mine who live in Footscray after the sketchmeet and it would have been a big hassle for me to get to the location and given that I was meeting her at 1pm, there would not have been enough time to get to the sketchmeet location, draw something decent and head back to the train station area to meet my friends.

I took the train to Footscray and drew the construction site that was right next to Footscray train station.  Second weekend in a row that I get to draw on a train ramp.  I enjoyed drawing the construction site.  It was new and not something I've done before.  It was hard though as stuff kept moving.  There was actually a cement mixer truck at the site but it left before I could draw it and I was almost finished when it returned.  It really was quite tricky but my favourite sketch for the day I think.  I wandered around Footscray for a little bit before meeting with my friends and after sketching,(it rained on me again while I was drawing and it was soooo cold!!!), and it's a pretty interesting area.  Lots to draw for sure and lots of Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippine groceries and food!  Certainly a good place to shop I think and it does feel like you're in an Asian country.  My friends and I met up and we had Vietnamese food and tried out 8bit, which was listed in the top 8 best milkshakes in Melbourne by Urban List.  The milkshakes were very good indeed and the place was packed.  We had to get take away and I had a salted caramel milkshake.  Yum!  A bit to watery/liquidy for my taste though.  I prefer my shakes a bit thicker.

Afterwards, I had to take a train to Squishface Studios as David wanted me to be involved in a podcast today about "why clients ask artists to do work for free".  He was still setting up stuff , so I thought I would draw the street Squishface was on while I was around.  There are so many cool buildings on Sydney Road!  I should make time to head to the area again and draw some buildings on the street.  Anyway, I drew until I lost the light and joined Ben Hutcho, Rebecca Clements and David Blumenstein for the podcast.  Was a lot of fun and discussing stuff brought back memories....jobs from the past.  I took a lot of low paying and did a lot of free gigs when I first got out of Uni, that's for sure.  After the podcast we ordered Indian food and watched a bit of a silly horror movie before dispersing.

All in all, a good day.  Friends, drawing, good food, silliness...can't ask for much more, really.


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