Guy in pub

Day 70 and for the first time ever, I am late for a submission.   I tend to rush off home on the last train before midnight so I can upload an illustration if I didn't do it earlier today and just did not get a chance today.  Oh well!  The drawing was done hours ago at a pub/cafe with a friend of mine.  I had an awesome and jam packed day today from walking to the city from my place to meet up with a friend, draw for a few hours, saw my sister at a cool bar called "The Mana Bar", which is a fantastic gamin bar and then met up with another friend who just got back from Japan and was enjoying the night too much.  A part of me does regret going home now in past events but hey, next time!

This is a drawing of a guy I saw at the cafe on Friday when I went to a friends birthday shindig.  I thought he looked interesting.  He had...a unique hairstyle.  Done with Copic Pens, fineliners and some Photoshop!

Hope the weekend is awesome thus far!


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