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My entry to Illustration Friday "Swamp".  Hehehehe, I actually thought it was "swamped" to be honest.  Oops. When I have a lot of things going on, I tend to make a list everyday of the things I need to do and achieve, I've had so much to do lately and especially last week that I felt a bit swamped by the whole thing.  The list of things to do just never ended and kept on increasing.  I love being busy and I think for the most part I manage my time really well.  I know what am willing to give up in order to achieve what needs to be done.  That said, it can get a little overwhelming once in a while but who hasn't experienced this?  Well..maybe not drowning in a sea of lists as that would suck but the whole having a lot to do at once part. This was done with copic fineliners.  The BG actually has crosshatchings on it but it got a little lost in the photoshop texturing.  You can still see bits of it though! Need to sleep now, an early start tomorrow!

Acid Gal

Howdy!  I did this for the upcoming 31/31 girls run by Vestque (pseudonym), check out her website ! The above illustration was done with copic fineliners and then I used a variety of textures to create the background.  I love playing with textures. Well, my first assessment was all sorted today and I received very good reviews and I have a head start on my second assessment.  I and another classmate spent a good part of the day researching textures and reference material for all the assets that will need to be properly designed and modelled in the next assessment.  Did I mention I loved textures earlier?  I really love textures and I went a bit mental collating and collecting them all today.  Things will shortly go absolutely insane on my end when the designing and modelling business starts.  I want everything to look smoking hot on my end.  Of course...I am still juggling this with school, studio and training.  I am still looking for more work to do too.  I like keeping busy thou


Been a while since I drew a dude, so here he is!  Thought I'd practice some posing and line work.  I used a 0.1 fine liner on Canson paper and then Photoshopped it for texture and slight colouring.  I've been doing a lot of thinking and battle plans lately on how to approach certain hurdles.  Only now that the craziness, for the moment, is over can I actually sit down and think about things properly. It has been a busy few days because of school assessment and me trying to get it looking as good as I possibly could.  Paid off though.  I am now ahead since I submitted before the due date and can have a head start on the next project.  Something I sorely need as the next one is to model all my designs.  I am looking forward to it! Been doing some freelancing too and hoping to get more gigs.  Anyone out there need illustration and animation work done? 

Still shot of Game Level Animatic

Howdy, here's an unfinished still shot of what I've been working on for the past few days for my first assessment at 3D school.  This is a still of my game level animatic due this coming Thursday.  Take a good look at it.  Everything here needs to be modelled into 3D eventually and guess what?  This isn't even half the amount of detail that exists is as I left out quite a bit because this was only an animatic.  Yes, for all those that know what an animatic is (animated storyboards) I have gone a little overboard on the detail and the colouring.  The stuff in here is pretty much animated too...I couldn't help myself.

Conclusion Storyboard

This the storyboard I am currently creating an animatic of.  Notice the tick marks?  That's how much I've finished thus far.  I am re-drawing the boards in Flash so I can animate and re-use the backgrounds and elements.  I am essentially creating an animatic that an animator would be able to read clearly and concisely if this was for an animated TV series job in a production line.

Blue Drawing of Girl

I drew this up at an art market today, based on a girl I saw wandering there.  This is done with a blue fine liner.  I am liking the coloured pens.  I am thinking of purchasing other colours shortly and testing them out!  I am almost done with my school assessment work for 3D.  Yay! Currently looking for small freelance gigs to do too!  I like keeping busy.

Thumbnail boards

Thumbnail roughs of a storyboard for school.  I haven't boarded anything since 2004, it was kind of fun to do it again. I went to the studio today with my laptop.  Then I had to go back home because I couldn't remember the password to get into the laptop.  Epic Fail.   Brain is conking out fast.  Must sleep.

Inked red and blue: heart balloon fish 01

I didn't have time to draw anything new today.  It's been a very long it is, the year feels like it's half over and the reality is, the third month isn't over yet. I was tossing and turning last night.  I think I may have only slept for 2 hours. Too much thinking.

Concept Art for School Game Project "Chook"

Another piece of concept art for school.  Can't draw anything new today.  Got homework to do.  Mmmm.....need to find more freelance on top of what I have too.  Just to keep cash coming in you know. School was good today, it went by really quickly, I am hoping to get everything done for assessment this week.  It's going to be close.  So busy, so busy. I also did some hard core training today with Justin .  Awesome as always.  I was able to run at a 16.5 speed for the very first time on the treadmill.  He just sprung it on me....I had no idea that I was actually capable of that and I am very pleased that I am.  Training and exercise definitely makes me happy.  Albeit bruised and sore.  I wish I had my own masseuse.  That would make life so much sweeter.

Concept Art for School Game Project "Rooster"

Another piece of concept art for school.  The project is going well, but there is a lot to do. I couldn't sleep well last night.  Tossing and turning about budgets and how this year and next year will pan out.  Am a bit freaked...but I'll make sure I survive.  I'll find a way.

Inked red and blue: handfish 01

Howdy!  New style of fishie am trying at the moment.  Just using red and blue inks.  I may deviate to other colours later but no colouring in, just using fineliners and shadings. Busy day today.  I am going to be displaying a few of my fishbone pieces in a cafe shortly in North Melbourne.  There are another two cafes am looking at displaying work too.  See how we go. I also did a lot of pull up training today with Justin.  My arms are beat...I feel exhausted.  Am going to sleep well tonight I think.


Hehehehe, I wanted to draw someone wearing sunnies and Illustration Friday' s theme this week is "Shades".  I only used a red fineliner for this piece.  Been trying out drawing with blue and red fineliners the last few days.  I am really enjoying it.  It's a bit of fun and the look is quite different to using black fineliners. I got on the exercise bike today and cycle for 40 minutes to make 21 km.  It was tiring....and I actually needed to have a nap today which is very very rare for me.  I also keep getting hungry so am not too sure if my metabolism has sped up quite a bit today.  Another busy day tomorrow with picking up supplies, contacting places to display my work, doing stuff at the studio and training!

Concept Art for School Game Project: "Steam Punk House"

Hehehehe....I will most likely be modelling this in Maya.  Should be good fun but I am feeling a bit intimidated by the whole idea of it.  I am more confident in building backgrounds in 3D than characters though.  Anyway, another piece of concept art, got to see what the team thinks of it next school day.

Concept Art for School Game Project: "Laser Chick"

Oh my....I actually have to model this design in Maya....probably in a couple of weeks after our first assessment.  Oh dear...  this is a concept character design/rough I did for the current project we have going at school.  It's a lot of fun and am looking forward to storyboarding my game level too.  I think I've pretty much knotted out everything. I spent most of today doing chores and designing the Exterior of the House for the school project.  I am in a group of 4 at school.  Each of us need to design a game level based on the story the four of us came up with.  The script as a whole still needs knotting out.  I am spending this weekend mostly designing and working on this...I hope to have time to do one or two small fish drawings though.  I have another series in mind.

Rough/Concept Steam Punk Bathroom BG

Hello, hello!  This is something am doing for school at the moment.  We have a Cinematography assessment we're currently working on.  My team and I have a Fantasy Steam Punk theme thing going. I did this drawing really quickly and late last night, freehand.  Coloured it today in Photoshop at school.  Now that am looking at my scene closely, I realize that I will need to make a few prop location changes to make the storyboarding and perhaps animation down the track a lot easier to do.

Dukes of Broxstonia Background Work

Backstage Perspective View in the episode "Axe Affair" Guitar Shop Perspective View in the episode "Axe Affair"  Burger Joint exterior in the episode  "Tomatoes"  Burger Joint interior in the episode  "Tomatoes" Candy Castle exterior in the episode  "Planet of the Babies" Parliament landscape in the episode  "Return to Broxstonia"  Photoshoot BG in the episode "Hairy" Stadium Exterior in the episode "Robots" Howdy!  I don't have anything new to post tonight.  This is something I did over a year ago which I have never posted.  My first background and prop design job.  I normally get hired as an animator more than anything else.  These are just a few of the backgrounds I created using the rough outlines supplied. These where done for Dukes of Broxstonia   for the awesome Renmotion dude, Suren Perera .  It was a lot of fun doing backgrounds and

Some Maya practice

Hello.  Was practicing modelling and lighting today.  I am not too sure why the cups look like they've been made with paper...seems to be a few crinkles here and there and I don't know why that is as I can't spot it in the Maya model.  Ah well.  Lighting is starting to click.  I still have no idea how to properly UV unwrap something though. Manage to tick everything off my list today which is great!  A long day of school tomorrow and some training afterwards!


It gets pretty difficult not to yield to temptation from time to time.  The minute you know you can't have something, that something ends up being bigger, better and more awesome in your mind, making you want it even more.  At least, that's how I feel every now and then.  Sometimes....I just want deep fried oreos.  Mustn't have it though.  Those things are terribly bad.....but oh so good at the same time.  Every sweet delicious bite is one step closer to stopping my heart from all the fatty, sugary, artery hardening goodness...anyway, enough of that!  This is my entry to Illustration Friday : theme "yield". Another busy day with chores, emails and a bit of unsuccessful costume hunting, some freelance, studio and working out.  I now have to prepare files to print tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow will be me practicing in Maya for most of the day.  I am hoping to have a something 3D to upload tomorrow that isn't from a school tute. first 3D scene out of

Steampunk Adora

Hello, hello!  I got contacted by a person in America that was getting artists all over the world to create pictures of his daughter.  I thought it would be good fun to do so I said yes and did a Steam punk version.  The link to the site is: The day was a bit more chilled out.  Did a bit of freelance and waiting for feedback before going onto the next bit.  Got more original fish bone paintings scanned, bought some office stuff and will now be playing with Maya before catching up with friends.  A good day thus far.

Yellow Striped Whip Fish

Another crappy photo.  Sorry.  Was a late night at the studio today.  That said, I really like this fish.  I just thought it up last night after looking through some fish books for references and inspiration.  You know that whip thing by the chin area?  That's not made up.  Some fish actually do have that. Spent the day by running in the morning, house chores, studio, meeting up with a friend and more studio and a very late dinner....late because the people at the restaurant messed up our orders.  We were waiting for about an hour.  I was not impressed and was seriously ready to walk out.   Anyway, that is sorted, so all is good. A big day of freelancing tomorrow and doing some scanning of original pieces to get them ready for print.  Seeing a friend or two as well which will be very nice!

Steampunk Fish Top Hat

Aaaaaaaah!!!  Finished the third Steampunk Fish!!!!  Wheeeee!  The photo is pretty crap though as it's on white and the colours are a lot nicer than this.  Happy that it's finished though! Had a chilled out day today.  Caught up on house chores and painted.  That was pretty much my day.  Decided to take a bit of a break.  May even sleep early again tonight.  Feels like I haven't caught up with sleep yet.  Felt good to sleep yesterday.  Anyhoo, running tomorrow, studio and catching up with a friend!

3D Ruins and Bonsai tree

 Ruins Bonsai Tree This week at 3D school was all about speed week.  We are given exercises that needs to be done at an allocated time to the best our abilities while fulfilling the requirements.  The Bonsai tree took the whole day today while the Ruins was the project for yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.  Thursday morning, we were making footballs.  No one is going to see that.  My football was hideous in my opinion so that is totally not going up on the blog. I enjoy making textures.  I really do.  I am still having trouble with UV unwrapping and but am learning how to manipulate my textures on the UV editor pretty quickly. Amazing what you can figure out under pressure.  When you're doing a job in a rush, finding shortcuts and playing to strengths is the only way to go. Anyone who has ever worked on a production line knows this.   I look forward to the day I can comfortably cheat in Maya because right now I don't know enough about the program to know what I can and can

Cobweb Fish and other news!

Howdy!  This was one of the drawings I finished inking last night during drawing night at Squishface Studios .  It's not finished yet as I would like to colours it, probably with copic pens or watercolours.  I also managed to finish inking my new Steampunk Fish too, hoping to watercolour that up on Saturday! Tonight was the opening for the Little Deities exhibition too and it was awesome!!!!  It was packed to the rafters and everyone had a great time!  I would like to thank my friends and parents for coming to support the exhibition too.  I was so pleased that my God of Eggs was well-received. Tough day at school.  I don't know enough about Maya to be quick enough or to figure out certain things went it all goes wrong.  It just takes time and practice...something I intend to do before I go back to class next week.  I haven't had much time to study at home lately and I've decided to allocate a day and a half within the week to just sit down, go through the tutes an

3D Barrel

Tee hee hee!  Look at my 3D barrel!  Well, this was mostly a texturing exercise at school today.  I still haven't gotten my head around some parts of UV mapping.  Still forgetting steps here and there.  Ah well, I will get there! A very, very long day today.  Been up and about since 7am doing chores before heading to to the studio to prepare for drawing night before school.  Then started and finished this 3D tute at school and went back to the studio for drawing night and was there till pretty late.  I am having a vey late dinner because of it.  It was a pretty good day overall though!  Very productive.   Am looking forward to the Little Deities exhibition tomorrow night!


Hehehehehe, did training again today and it was awesome.  There were some exercises that I couldn't do though after a previous series of exercises that worked the chest and shoulders and back.  One of them was lifting 5 kilo dumbells  above my head, was pretty shocking really as I could normally do that sort of thing....when am fresh!  I could actually do it on my right side but my left side...hahahahaha...was pretty funny anyway.  Going to be working on getting stronger the next few weeks, am looking forward to it.  I actually did 120 squats today with a 12 kilo weight.  I am really pleased! Finished another freelance gig today, started inking out my new Steampunk fish, borrowed a book from the library to research more fishies and inspiration for drawing, training....all in all...a very productive day.


I am a busy girl.  No really, am not just saying that.  I freelance on more than one job, I try to make it to the studio at least 3 times a week, I train twice a week,  run another 2 times in the week and I go to school for 2 full 8 hour days and 1 half day learning 3D. Then not to mention events like exhibitions, comic launches, creative meet-ups and dare I say it, catching up with the occasional friend. Let's not forget time to sleep (a rare thing) , eat, get the food to eat and basic living chores and necessities.... I have a full plate.  When I do have free time, I either rest or try to catch up with someone I haven't seen in a while.  If I have time I will text individuals if they can come out to play.  Sometimes they're available, sometimes they're not.  No big deal.  Am sure if we both live long enough we'll see each other again.  If I don't make an event for whatever reason, this is not to be taken personally and not to be thought of as "you neve


My submission to Illustration Friday , theme: Intention.  Sadly, the intention to wash dishes doesn't happen as often as I would like at my place.  I tend to leave the dishes unattended, especially when I am working or rushing to go out somewhere.  I have a lot of plates and glasses to spare, which is great, but not so great once they start piling up in the sink.  One would think I would wash dishes immediately if my cutlery was limited. Another busy day today with setting up a scene for a freelance gig which I am hoping to get done before tomorrow afternoon, training and drawing a new fish bone piece.  I am going to revised my Alphabet idea.  It is far too messy and cluttered at the moment.  The theme isn't clear either, so back to the drawing board!  Happily, my new Steam punk fish in A3 is looking good thus far.  Finished up the sketch today.  I also reached another level at running today at training.  I am pretty pleased!  I couldn't run half as long just a few mo

The A fish

Howdy!  A good day today though a bit blah for work.  I just wanted to spend as much time away from the computer as possible.  The last few days at school was majorly intense.  That said, I have got to do some freelance work over the next few days before school again. Today I drew this fish.  I am thinking of doing an Alphabet series.  Most likely for my next zine some I wont be posting too many of these up.  I put a lot of "A" objects in.  Can you spot them all?  I was wondering whether or not to colour the originals but keep it black and white for the book.  What do you think? Went to the Big Arse comic book launch today which was awesome and bought some books, supported some very awesome artists and looking forward to the Little Deities exhibition coming up on Thursday.  Much excitement!

3D tree, terrain and lighting

I modeled a tree, landscape and manipulated textures for this project, along with creating fireflies and some god rays.  My lighting needs a lot of work.  Kinda struggling getting it right to be honest.  Am not sure what am doing wrong.  It's frustrating because I know how I want this scene lit but I just couldn't achieve it so the overall scene is a bit off.  Shame too....I was pretty happy with the modelling and the texturing.  I am really enjoying creating and manipulating textures.  Modelling the tree was fun too, though there were quite a few unknown issues with the leaves which no one could figure out, luckily am no stranger to work-arounds.  Just a shame, that I can't light my scene properly to do justice to the models or the textures so I am feeling kinda depressed to be honest.  That's the second time now that I feel my end product doesn't look as good because of my lack of understanding on how Maya lights work.  Well....least am getting there with modelli

Quick cover design

Howdy!  A majorly busy day today.  Really enjoying the current project we're doing at 3D school which is building a tree in a landscape.  Done my landscape and tree and it's down to light FX tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Pretty excited.  My tree looks rather pretty, if I do say so myself.  I also need to do a quick last minute freelance gig tomorrow.  Mmmmm....working on the weekend...but at least I still have work to pay the bills! Anyhoo, the drawing above was for my Dad and his Church.  Don't have as much time to dabble with it unfortunately.  Kinda wanted to show the four seasons in a more modern fashion.  Didn't have time to draw anything else tonight so here it is!  On top of freelance work and attending a comic launch and training this weekend, I am hoping to start and finish a Steampunk Fish to complete a 3 part series and am starting an Alphabet series.  One of my past clients gave me the idea.  See how that goes.  Feeling so smashed today.  Went training after s