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Howdy!  I did this for the upcoming 31/31 girls run by Vestque (pseudonym), check out her website!

The above illustration was done with copic fineliners and then I used a variety of textures to create the background.  I love playing with textures.

Well, my first assessment was all sorted today and I received very good reviews and I have a head start on my second assessment.  I and another classmate spent a good part of the day researching textures and reference material for all the assets that will need to be properly designed and modelled in the next assessment.  Did I mention I loved textures earlier?  I really love textures and I went a bit mental collating and collecting them all today.  Things will shortly go absolutely insane on my end when the designing and modelling business starts.  I want everything to look smoking hot on my end.  Of course...I am still juggling this with school, studio and training.  I am still looking for more work to do too.  I like keeping busy though this may be a bit extreme....

Comics Camp soon!!!!!  I'm going to make some strips!  Much excitement!


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