My entry to Illustration Friday "Swamp".  Hehehehe, I actually thought it was "swamped" to be honest.  Oops.

When I have a lot of things going on, I tend to make a list everyday of the things I need to do and achieve, I've had so much to do lately and especially last week that I felt a bit swamped by the whole thing.  The list of things to do just never ended and kept on increasing.  I love being busy and I think for the most part I manage my time really well.  I know what am willing to give up in order to achieve what needs to be done.  That said, it can get a little overwhelming once in a while but who hasn't experienced this?  Well..maybe not drowning in a sea of lists as that would suck but the whole having a lot to do at once part.

This was done with copic fineliners.  The BG actually has crosshatchings on it but it got a little lost in the photoshop texturing.  You can still see bits of it though!

Need to sleep now, an early start tomorrow!


  1. I like this very much; I do feel like this most times!

  2. wooow! this is gorgeous!!! nice work!

  3. Wow, overwhelming paperwork seems like a bit of an understatement for this one! So cool how you made waves and clouds and the poor little tiny figure being swept along. Great idea and great execution!

  4. Super illustration looks really good. The sea of lists is really effective.

  5. Brilliant! Love the menacing clouds overhead and the way the waves of post-it notes (?) are forcing her forward - and luckily not backwards! Background is amazing! Have felt like this poor girl many times - just go with the flow... :)

  6. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Throw the poor girl a lifeline! This is fantastic! Lots of wonderful detail and it totally captures the feeling of being swamped. I love the movement. :D


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