Yellow Striped Whip Fish

Another crappy photo.  Sorry.  Was a late night at the studio today.  That said, I really like this fish.  I just thought it up last night after looking through some fish books for references and inspiration.  You know that whip thing by the chin area?  That's not made up.  Some fish actually do have that.

Spent the day by running in the morning, house chores, studio, meeting up with a friend and more studio and a very late dinner....late because the people at the restaurant messed up our orders.  We were waiting for about an hour.  I was not impressed and was seriously ready to walk out.   Anyway, that is sorted, so all is good.

A big day of freelancing tomorrow and doing some scanning of original pieces to get them ready for print.  Seeing a friend or two as well which will be very nice!


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