Concept Art for School Game Project "Chook"

Another piece of concept art for school.  Can't draw anything new today.  Got homework to do.  Mmmm.....need to find more freelance on top of what I have too.  Just to keep cash coming in you know.

School was good today, it went by really quickly, I am hoping to get everything done for assessment this week.  It's going to be close.  So busy, so busy.

I also did some hard core training today with Justin.  Awesome as always.  I was able to run at a 16.5 speed for the very first time on the treadmill.  He just sprung it on me....I had no idea that I was actually capable of that and I am very pleased that I am.  Training and exercise definitely makes me happy.  Albeit bruised and sore.  I wish I had my own masseuse.  That would make life so much sweeter.


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