Concept Art for School Game Project: "Laser Chick"

Oh my....I actually have to model this design in Maya....probably in a couple of weeks after our first assessment.  Oh dear...  this is a concept character design/rough I did for the current project we have going at school.  It's a lot of fun and am looking forward to storyboarding my game level too.  I think I've pretty much knotted out everything.

I spent most of today doing chores and designing the Exterior of the House for the school project.  I am in a group of 4 at school.  Each of us need to design a game level based on the story the four of us came up with.  The script as a whole still needs knotting out.  I am spending this weekend mostly designing and working on this...I hope to have time to do one or two small fish drawings though.  I have another series in mind.


  1. Hahahahaha, you gotta watch out for the cute ones. They're deadly. Love those laser helmets. I want one!

  2. these chicks. i want 'em.(*_*)


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