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Howdy!  A majorly busy day today.  Really enjoying the current project we're doing at 3D school which is building a tree in a landscape.  Done my landscape and tree and it's down to light FX tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Pretty excited.  My tree looks rather pretty, if I do say so myself.  I also need to do a quick last minute freelance gig tomorrow.  Mmmmm....working on the weekend...but at least I still have work to pay the bills!

Anyhoo, the drawing above was for my Dad and his Church.  Don't have as much time to dabble with it unfortunately.  Kinda wanted to show the four seasons in a more modern fashion.  Didn't have time to draw anything else tonight so here it is! 

On top of freelance work and attending a comic launch and training this weekend, I am hoping to start and finish a Steampunk Fish to complete a 3 part series and am starting an Alphabet series.  One of my past clients gave me the idea.  See how that goes. 

Feeling so smashed today.  Went training after school and did some boxing.  Feels so good to be doing some boxing.  I have missed doing kickboxing.  My jab unfortunately sucks a bit though.  Left side has always been a bit weak.  That needs to get fixed.  I have really been enjoying training with Justin.  Everything is done professionally, tailored to my needs,  it's great.  Totally recommending him to anyone that feels like they need a bit of fitness, strength and weight-loss training.


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