3D tree, terrain and lighting

I modeled a tree, landscape and manipulated textures for this project, along with creating fireflies and some god rays.  My lighting needs a lot of work.  Kinda struggling getting it right to be honest.  Am not sure what am doing wrong.  It's frustrating because I know how I want this scene lit but I just couldn't achieve it so the overall scene is a bit off.  Shame too....I was pretty happy with the modelling and the texturing.  I am really enjoying creating and manipulating textures.  Modelling the tree was fun too, though there were quite a few unknown issues with the leaves which no one could figure out, luckily am no stranger to work-arounds.  Just a shame, that I can't light my scene properly to do justice to the models or the textures so I am feeling kinda depressed to be honest.  That's the second time now that I feel my end product doesn't look as good because of my lack of understanding on how Maya lights work.  Well....least am getting there with modelling and texturing. 

Dang, forgot to copy over the tute from school for this week.  Will have to pick up the PDF next week and review again.

A lot to do this weekend.  Another quick freelance job needs doing and I am hoping to finish 2 fishbone illustrations.  I haven't used copics in a while so I may do that again for one.  Don't want to get rusty at it.


  1. WHOA! This is very cool and neat looking! Great leaves on that tree.

    And your drawing of the church below is really lovely. I love the inclusion of the four seasons!


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