Evil Babushkas

Day 22 out of 183.  Where did the weekend go!?!?!?  I know am a freelancer and all and that technically we don't have weekends but seriously!  Where did it go?  Time is really going by too fast for my liking.

Had to do a quick one today of Evil babushkas  I did this in-between making my dinner and commercial breaks during Master Chef.  I am feeling really pressed for time today.  I wonder, when did I get so busy with work and other stuff?  This was all done in Flash.

I was really busy with both work and social stuff this weekend.  I also managed to get to the gym!  Hurray!  I am hoping to have time tomorrow as well but it's looking unlikely.

Been drawing most of today and my time of drawing stuff isn't finished yet....still hoping to get a bit more work done tonight.