The Teacher

Howdy all!

Day 16 out of 183.  Behold what I drew today....this character is a combination and exaggeration of the two teachers I truly despised back when I was in grade school and early high school.  Surely everyone has had a teacher that they did not like.  Well I remember that these two teachers well and truly embarrassed me in class and I didn't do anything wrong.  I had a strong american-ish accent even at a young age and it was stronger than the accent of my native language and this one teacher really picked on me for it.  Needless to say I was very happy to leave for Australia and I had a great time in high school and college here and speaking English all the time.  I still get asked about my accent constantly but I no longer get abused or ridiculed for it.  Then there was the sewing teacher that gave me a stomach ache every class.  She was a horrid and scary woman.

This was done with pencils and Photoshop.


  1. oh, what a nightmare, such a teacher, brrrr, but a nice drawing :-)

  2. You have truly, brilliantly captured the essence of every bad teacher that ever was---evil creatures that they are. SO well done!! Yikes!

  3. Oh my, she does look daunting! I love the moldy, bloody color scheme too. I hope you had your share of good teachers as well as the demonic sort!

  4. Wow, my english teacher looked just like that!
    Maybe they were sisters?
    Love the colours and background!

  5. Wait, I recognise this horrid teacher, she was the mean one who taught me history, you've captured her so well! :D
    I've had some brilliant teachers, in fact, I blame my favourite teacher who taught me maths for being a geek now :) but there were some horrid ones, and the one that I remember most clearly even now is my history teacher, she put me off wanting to learn about history for a long time.


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