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Ever had something that kept you awake at night? Just keep thinking about the things you might have done or said or what you didn't do or say?  Ever obsessed about it so much that it haunts your every waking moment?  I think the best solution to that and that has worked for me was to try and get some perspective by talking to other people or by simply stepping back from the problem.  Another thing is to just accept that what's done is done and the only thing that is left to do now is to try to not repeat the same mistake next time.  
Day 27 of illustrating straight and my submission to Illustration Friday.  I have been incredibly busy this week, hence why all my drawings have been in ink form and sketched in less than 15 minutes.  Has anyone noticed that the shape of the most recent drawings are all squarish?  That's because the new sketchbook that I always have in my handbag is square.  It's a little annoying though as I've had to tear the pages out of the sketchbook when I want to scan it in because the rings on it are quite large so my drawings end up half blurry if I don't tear it out.  Very annoying but I may have found the solution when I scanned this piece.  This time around.  I pressed down hard on the lid of the scanner to get a clearly scanned image.  Awesome!  Anyhow, this was done with fine liners and scanned into Photoshop.

My weekend is looking packed with work and social events and I am going to need to fit gym in there!  I couldn't go all week this week.  I don't like that!  I can't support my dessert obsession without counteracting it with gym!


  1. I'm very lucky that I can sleep through the night, even when I'm obsessing about something all day long. problem with me is that it will wake me too early in the morning and make me launch into action straight away. oh well, it could be worse I guess.

    Good luck this weekend, I hope you do make it to the gym, sounds like you're really missing it :)

  2. I love the square shape. Too bad you have to rip it out of your sketchbook though. I shoot all my pics with my little digital camera. Last week didn't look so great because I shot it indoors. But out side on a sunny day...not bad. I like your obsessed-can't-sleep lady.

  3. Square=good. Nice illo! She definitely has that look of obsessive thought on her face.

  4. This is my favorite take on this weeks topic. Awesome!

  5. My all nights look like that!!! Do not worry, I got used to it !
    btw, I like the square format !

  6. Excellent piece! Perfect wondering expression.

  7. Awake, but not present. Great take on the word. The subtle stripes add a nice touch.

  8. You're a Friday Favorite! http://hello7arts.com/blog/2011/08/friday-favorites-obsession/


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