Japanese Tea

Day 29 and today was involved me mostly going flat chat on the computer getting work done.  I did rather well I think but my night of work is not over yet.  I drew this girl up at the local cafe today for my break and to enjoy the sunshine.  Melbourne was absolutely beautiful today.  Then I coloured her up after work, 15 minutes before Master Chef and finished colouring her up during the ad breaks.  I am now writing this post during an ad break. This was done with fineliners and brought into Photoshop.

I was planning to do a bit of work last night but ended up doing very little work and watching an anime called "Needless"..tsk, tsk.

This week looks a little busy at the start but will most likely slow down towards the end of the week...but who knows.  Working as a freelancer you never really know what's going to come around the corner.  A contract can suddenly come up or a current contract could easily fall through.  Some people find this sort of thing stressful, the uncertainties.  I certainly do but i like the excitement of the unknown and the possibilities and challenges that could be had as well.  Hoping to hear back from one gig that I went for last week...hopefully the results are positive...I hope, I hope, I hope.....


  1. Love your style (and your profile image, too : )
    Thanks for the visit, greetings from the Antipodes!!!

  2. I wish my hair could do that...
    Love the colors!


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