Japanese Gym Girl

Hello hello!

Day 14 out of 183 and am putting in my illustration around midnight.  Got a busy day today and I may not have the time to draw later on.

This done straight away with a copic fine liner and a brush pen.  No pencils again. Coloured with Copic pens. The background was done in photoshop.  I drew this after gym while waiting for a friend.  This is inspired by an Asian girl I saw on the treadmill with these awesome headphones of pink and white and I just had to quickly sketch and cartoonify her afterwards.  I really like this drawing.  Could be cleaner and with nicer lines but hey, this is was done very quickly and without using pencils.   I like this rough and raw style.

Oh, I've been meaning to say this, this isn't my first time of trying to draw straight.  I managed to do it last year with 32 illustrations in a row but this time am aiming for 6 months and I've only been drawing straight for two weeks.  Am a bit daunted but still going for it....I am a stubborn thing.


  1. I love this one, really love it, please keep this drawing challenge going, I'm so enjoying seeing what you come up with every day :)


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