Belle of the Bowls

Day 5 of illustrating everyday till December 31 and I am already feeling it.  There just isn't enough time of the day for everything!  Yesterday I did household chores, worked on 3 different contract jobs and finished off one before the due date (yay!), saw a friend in the evening, worked on the game job a bit more, did a rough of my monster loop then started this drawing from scratch about 12:30 AM till 2:00 AM.  I couldn't go to the gym which is what I gave up to get everything else done.

This piece is hand drawn and inked.  I definitely take longer when I hand ink.  I have to clean up too many errors in Photoshop where this was scanned and coloured in.

I am enjoying coming up with pieces everyday though.  I just hope to have a day where I can spend hours on this as I need to finish my drawing requests!  Sadly that would take me a little longer to do....


  1. love it! Well done on the daily art Marta :D

  2. I know it's tough to get enough time to get everything done but your effort has paid off with this one, this lady looks great :)
    I'm starting to get closer to my deadline to finish the work I've been doing this week and has to be completed by the end of the week so I get the feeling that my drawing time is going to shrink considerably, but I'll keep trying :)

  3. These are so fun. It never occurred to me to dress people in dishes!


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