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Day 06 and it's 2 in the morning as I write this.  I just want to get straight into doing work in a few hours after some sleep.  I didn't manage to go to the gym again yesterday (Thursday) for shame.  I was really pounding out stuff for this game, did some stuff for the pilot gig and caught up with some friends and sent more emails out trying to find leads for jobs in the future.  The future scares me.  Things have been slower than normal...perhaps I will feel less inclined to find more work once the jobs I do have ramps up..which should be about next week.  I don't feel comfortable when am not busy.  Do other people feel the same way?  I have never been one to just sit down and watch a movie on the couch.  I need to be away from all my equipment in order to shut down which is why I go to the gym, see people, go hiking and other stuff outside my house. 

The drawing is all hand drawn and inked then scanned into Photoshop for some colouring and clean up love.

I am going to go to the gym today!  Come hell or high water am going! I need some physical activity...I feel pudgy and unfit without it.


  1. glad to know someone else is up being productive at this hour!

    looks good!
    good that keeping your momentum with the 1 a day thing, i dont tihnk i lasted a month when i tried it last year..

  2. I'm absolutely *loving*! all of your fashionably dressed kitchen mavens...so very creative and really quite stunning! I could see these at Anthropologie (or my kitchen!)...they need to call you stat!
    I'm also greatly admiring your work ethic...I've been doing the procrastination thing and I now have one week to create some brilliance...it somehow always comes together but I would much rather be doing it all daily! I think you've inspired me to better things!
    There is a definite low here in the states as well where art is concerned, and it's a bit unnervng...I wish you all the best!!
    It's been wonderful catching up with you and your special blog!!
    xo J~


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