SMILE!!!  It's Saturday!!!!   Day 21 out of a 183 today.  People need to smile more.  I read somewhere that if you smile, the action actually tricks your body into thinking you're happy (just incase you aren't).  Anyway, smiling makes people look better and more approachable.

I saw a woman who looked pretty much like this on the train a few days ago and I just felt like drawing her.  I drew this at the local cafe, no pencils, straight with a copic 0.3 pen and then coloured in Photoshop.  I find drawing loose and scribbly very relaxing. 

A nice day today, was doodling some concept art ideas, went to the gym, met some friends and now I need to do some work.  Yup, life of a freelancer.  That said, I slept in today and it felt very nice.