Bunny Bomber

I saw this image on my head today and thought it would be cute to draw! The Pink Bunny is a bit mischievous in this picture.  What is she going to do with that bomb?  Is it a present for someone?

I was thinking it would also be great to do a comic using this character but I have no idea for stories as of yet.  Something to think about I would say!

Today was pretty dreary in Melbourne so spent  the day indoors animating and finished rendering my first A3 fish bone drawing.  Yup, pieces that will be purely traditional. Will need to colour it up soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning before work!  I also need to do some character designs for a personal project with a friend.  I hope she likes what I come up with!  So many projects in mind.  So little time!

114th illustration in a row!


  1. You da BOMB, Marta! Kaboom! :D So cute! Good luck with all those projects. Love it when the mind is busy and you're itchin' to create!


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