Furry Fish Bones

Howdy all!  It is Day 108.  Finished off a drawing I started on Sunday.  The fish is furry this time around.  It was a bit of fun to do.  I love rendering fur.  I may do another version at some point.

Today was all about finishing off an animated walk cycle.  Walk cycles are difficult and the one I had to do had a lot of details on her.  I am hoping it gets approved!  Am a little tired at the moment.  Been doing a lot of work as of late.  It's been great but tiring.

I am also going to start making prints of my favourite pieces soon for display and to sell. Yup, everything is always for sale!

For other news, I have a new animation!  Please have a look and click on the stars if you like it! : http://www.loopdeloop.org/2011/10/marta-tesoro-spooky/


  1. I love the fish
    Good luck with printing and I wish you success


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