Red Squirrel

Day 105 of illustrating everyday!  I really like this squirrel.  I am very pleased with how this squirrel turned out.  That said..I took a wee bit too long today and I know it is a Saturday and I should be relaxing but I suck at it.  I finished animating my loop for this month for loopdeloop and I am very pleased with that and it is now off to friend Daniel Waghorn will be working on it.  Hopefully we'll get it submitted on Monday!  I am just glad to have it finished.

So I finished my loop this morning, went to the gym and did this drawing.  Shortly, I have to organize my taxes for Monday.  Sigh...I hate doing taxes.  I also need to make some badge designs for tonight and do some character designs for a job that I want to hand in on Monday.  That said, I am spending most of the day drawing with friends tomorrow and I am looking forward to it!   I will most likely do some character designs then too!  That said...always a good idea to do some ahead of a day of fun.  I am also inspired to do some more fish bone type designs/paintings.  I want to make one to specifically display at the local cafe.

On another note...I saw a person...self satisfying himself in public today.  Tsk, tsk.  I guess he got the urge and couldn't wait.

This piece was done with Flash and Photoshop.


  1. This wondrful squirrel must be dear friends with your fancy fox...I love them both!!
    xo J~

  2. gorgeous. (*_*) i'd love to see it painted on the back of a fashionable old n trashy wooden armchair(the chair would ofc be blue). simply just lovely. <3


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