115th illustration in a row.  Yah!  I bought some organ heart earrings at Armageddon and it inspired me to draw this somewhat creepy character.  There was blood dripping from the hearts originally but it didn't quite work composition-wise.  Am on Halloween mode at the moment, though we don't really celebrate it here in Australia.  That said, there is a Zombie Shuffle happening in Melbourne on Sunday which I am totally going to.  Any excuse to dress up and to look freakish! 

Today is the Loopdeloop screening for "Spooky".  Should be a bit of fun socializing with friends and watching some cool short little animations.  I suspect that I will be working for most of the day however.  I am hoping to finish this shot am currently working on and clean-up a few character designs I did roughly yesterday while working with Daniel Luke on my corporate reel last night.  Yup, the animations that can't go into my current animated show reel, that has a majority of my animated series work, because the styles differ too greatly and the clientele it aims for is very different.


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