Illustration 118.  Geez, am tired.  It's been go, go,go all week this week.  Looking forward to some down time.  I need a quick recharge as am starting to slow down work wise.  Looking forward to Sunday for a fun day at the Zombie Shuffle!  Should be awesome!

Sketched up two A3 fish drawings last night for inking and colouring some time tonight.  Really inspired to do that.  I would love to sculpt them too!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I am spending most of tomorrow working unfortunately.  Life of a freelancer!


  1. fightoo ms.master animator! you can do it! *waving pom poms n throwing cakes.* n i would like, light candles, feed a goat n blow my lungs out on whatever mighty anthem you might fancy in your honour if- that is, if you would ever sculpt one of those fabulous fishies. ://O

  2. Bunny really does need a vacation! It's funny how something we enjoy so much as creating art, can turn into something that wipes us out completely. If you *do* sculpt your amazing fish...I hope that you find joy and energy in doing so, because that and they, would be absolutely fabulous!!
    Wishing you strength, peace, and continued inspiration!!
    xo J~


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